Haq Alamkar Turan Trading Company

Turan Zemin Kafkaz Trading Company is one of the most famous Service packages in the field of goods clearance from all customs of the country

Daily price of currency

free dollar 49,500
Customs dollars 49,500
free euro 49,500
Euro Customs 49,500
AED 49,500
British pound 49,500
Lear 49,500
yuan 49,500

Clearance of goods in Turan company

Clearance of goods from customs is considered the most important process in the field of importing goods and also this process includes various rules and hierarchies depending on the laws and regulations of the countries. Regarding carrying out this important process, it is always necessary to be familiar with the stages of customs clearance and know its rules and regulations well, because in case of any carelessness and insufficient knowledge of the stages of customs clearance, the clearance of goods You are considered to be trafficked and as a result, it causes a lot of financial and credit losses for you.

The rules that are considered in the international transportation of goods, from the packaging of the goods to the description on the goods and the type of transportation, etc. Has to be considered. For this purpose, you as the owner of the goods or legal representative (work permit, work rights) should be familiar with common business terms and conventional procedures. Transportation itself has three models: land, sea, and air. which are written in order from the cheapest to the most expensive, and you can choose which method to transport the goods according to the type of goods and the amount of cost you have considered for the transportation of commercial goods.

Foreign currency remittances are generally divided into two categories: outgoing currency remittance and incoming currency remittance. Issued currency remittances are used when we want to issue a certain amount of currency to another person through a bank or exchange. To do this, you must first go to the desired bank. You register your details and the person receiving the currency along with the currency in the relevant bank.

Exporting in the literal sense means sending goods from one country to another country, for which it is necessary to have a commercial card, which has its own conditions and rules for obtaining a commercial card, and without training, goods cannot be cleared from customs because the laws and The regulations are changing every day and you will need skilled labor to complete the customs formalities. For import and export and customs clearance, you need the help of experienced and trained people in this regard. Turan company is ready to serve you, dear businessmen, by having experienced experts in this field.